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We don’t have 10 years or five years or one year. We have to act now before the climate crisis deepens.

THIS LAND is YOUR LAND needs your help. 


Call and write elected officials and candidates at the local, state, and national level. Tell them that failure to act is unacceptable!  


Join our efforts to convince the public that everyone’s most valuable assets are at risk of being damaged or destroyed as a direct result of the climate crisis and the misinformation being spread by big oil, natural gas, and coal. This is everyone’s problem!


We’re looking for:


  • Strategic partnerships with local and regional organizations that are interested in being part of a larger, community-driven coalition to slow climate change.


  • Media opportunities (interviews, roundtable discussions, speaking engagements, etc.) to educate the public, combat misinformation, and advocate for action.


  • Volunteers who will donate their time, skills, and talent to enhance our programs and support our efforts in both education and advocacy.


If you’d like to learn more about THIS LAND is YOUR LAND and how you can get involved, email, or fill out the form below!


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